The Crucifixion

Luke 23:32-34, John 15:13, 1 John 4:11

In unspeakable agony Jesus hangs on the cross of Calvary. Shocked silence would be the normal response. But down through the centuries His dying love has been celebrated in song. What made the crucified Lord so beautiful?

The answer is love – love so wonderful that it completely transformed a hideous and brutal death.

Calvary – in the arena of suffering, love triumphed. Confronted with the full force of hate, Jesus refused to be goaded into retaliating. Though wounded in body, soul and spirit, He responded with love. At Calvary the evil one did his worst, but overreached himself. Love prevailed. With a shout of triumph Jesus proclaimed, 'It is finished!'

Now Jesus is asking you:

Would you like Me to win this victory in your life too? I have redeemed you to reflect My love – love that is greater than all and victorious even over the strongest forces of evil and hatred.

Have faith in the power of My redemption.

M. Basilea Schlink (Where can we find Jesus? )

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