Cross Bearing

John 19:17, Matthew 10:38-39, 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

What a sight – Jesus, the Son of God, weak and helpless, bent low beneath the burden of our sins. Stumbling and struggling under the massive weight of the cross, He makes His way through the streets of Jerusalem to Calvary.

If we would be His disciples today, let us hear His challenge:

Come, take up your cross and follow Me. Power, glory and overwhelming victory lie hidden in the cross. Embrace your cross. It comes from My hands and is laden with blessing.

Take it up willingly. You will find that you are holding a priceless treasure.

Take it as a gift from Me, uniting you with Me and causing you to reflect My nature, which is perfect love.

If the weight of your cross is great, the blessing hidden within is also great.

M. Basilea Schlink (Where can we find Jesus? )

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