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Desert Encounters With God

We would like to share with you a series on life-changing encounters Moses had with God. Moses, who went from prince to fugitive, from nomad to deliverer. ‘Now Moses was a very humble man, more than anyone else on the face of the earth’ (Numbers 12:3 NIV). His secret? He allowed God to be God. There in the desert God prepares His chosen instruments. The principles apply to all who would make themselves available to God and His service.

Response to news from Afghanistan and News from Canaan

At a time like this, God who loves us, does not want us to sink in fear and suffering... we must remember that prayer is the most powerful weapon we have against injustice. Now is the time for us as intercessors to stand in the breach for our brothers and sisters in the Lord as well as the many who don't yet know Him.

My Way - No Thanks!  Yes God's Way

It is hard to know what the future holds. Things we took for granted no longer seem so certain. Do you feel that life is standing still? Perhaps you feel you lack purpose and meaning. Or you are losing hope and desperate for something real to hold on to. Does it seem that day after day nothing changes and that God has forgotten you?

Canaan Prayer Points June -September 2021

God seeks those who will pray: For in our time God, as a true Father, will show us His help and His wonders as never before—if we call out to Him in deepest need, trust Him, and in prayer actually reckon upon His help. For He stands ready to help those who believe in His love, who truly reckon upon His Almighty power, who truly reckon that He still works miracles today.

Which Ship are You on?

In a talk Mother Basilea once shared about the work of the Holy Trinity in our lives. She used the illustration of two ships to demonstrate the wisdom of God’s leadings as opposed to following our own will.

Father of Comfort – Daily reflections of a God who Cares

God restores our souls in unexpected ways. Paradoxically, He is nearest when He seems farthest away. Here we are invited to trace the hand of God the Father in the often puzzling events of life.

Happy Hanukkah 2020

What is G-d asking of us as Jews and Christians? We believe that G-d is asking us to embrace our joint calling and bring light to the world.

Christmas: Who can save the World?

With terrible events unfolding around the world, who can possibly help?