The Resurrection

Luke 24:5-7, Philippians 3:8-11

What is the outcome of Jesus' death? An empty grave – victory, resurrection and Easter joy. With God, suffering is never the final outcome. Good Friday is followed by Easter morning; from death comes life; from sorrow comes joy. Easter is the assurance that suffering will not have the last word in our lives either.

Jesus Christ is alive and victorious! All power is His in heaven and on earth. Jesus has defeated death itself. Jesus has overcome Satan and sin.

We honour Jesus with our response of faith. Turn to Him now in thanks and praise, even if this doesn't come easily to you. Don't wait until you feel ready, but join in the triumphant songs of praise for His mighty victory at Easter. Jesus, the Lamb of God, has overcome the tyranny of death. Sin's hold on our lives is broken and Satan loses his power as we exalt Jesus, bringing Him the praise and glory that are His due.

M. Basilea Schlink (Where can we find Jesus? )

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