Visit Us at Canaan of God's Comfort

Ever since our heavenly Father guided the original group of Sisters through many obstacles to their own piece of land in Germany, many of our branches carry the name "Canaan" after the Biblical Promised Land.

The name of the Australian branch is "Canaan of God's Comfort", which has a twofold significance.

First, our God is a source of comfort and strength.

Secondly, we long to bring comfort to God's heart by living in accordance with His will and not conforming to the ways of this world. We hope that both these meanings will come alive for you when you visit us at Canaan.

Until further notice, we are sadly unable to receive visitors or guest groups, due to the ongoing COVID19 situation.

Please enjoy a 'virtual tour' using the links on this site such The Canaan Chapel, The Garden of Jesus Suffering and Resurrection, and The Fountain of the Father's Goodness. A wide range of clips is also available on our Youtube channel.

Thank you all for your kind understanding.