The Arrest

Mark 14:43-50, 1 Peter 5:6-11, Matthew 11:29-30

Jesus is bound and led off to the judges like a sheep driven to the slaughter. Today He invites us:

Come and take your place beside Me, the Prisoner, when your heart is torn with anguish. Come to Me when you have no peace and are in despair because you cannot understand God. The disciples despaired when I was taken prisoner. If you want to know My peace and My sustaining power, then surrender your will and desires to God. Submit yourself to the will of God in your present circumstances, however hard they may be: the places and people you want to get away from, the marriage you find so restrictive, the job you dislike, the responsibilities which seem so burdensome.

In these situations Jesus reminds us: God's will is good and His heart is all-loving; He is leading you the right way and has only the best of intentions for you.

Do you hear Jesus calling? – Take My yoke upon you and be united with Me, the Prisoner. As you walk closely with Me, I will fill your heart with peace and comfort.

M. Basilea Schlink (Where can we find Jesus? )

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