New Zealand

March 2019

Our dear friends in New Zealand,

“Those in suffering are the first to find their way to the heart of God. A child in tears belongs in the Father’s arms.” M. Basilea Schlink

It was with great sadness and grief that we followed the development of the act of terror in Christchurch. As the confirmed death toll rose, our hearts went out to each one who had lost a relation or friend. We all expect to lose loved ones at some time, but to have to do so at the hand of a violent stranger is an unimaginable horror. Our hearts were deeply moved by the heroism of many, who by their actions were instrumental in stopping the ongoing attack. Also we sensed the trauma of the medical teams who worked tirelessly to assist the wounded. May they, together with the survivors and their families and friends, receive the healing love of the one true God. God’s heart breaks with love for all suffering in this, His broken world. When we don’t know who we can turn to in such a situation, the heart of God is open for all who choose to turn to Him for comfort, guidance, and healing love.

We join our ongoing thoughts and prayers to those of Christian brothers and sisters worldwide who are upholding the people of Christchurch – and indeed, all New Zealand – at this time.

With our love,
The Evangelical Sisters of Mary